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Vanessa Gounden

Spring / Summer 2020

The Pulsatio Collection

The Pulsatio Collection: Made from the Heart

True to Vanessa Gounden’s creative direction, her collections depict fashion as wearable art. They communicate messages of relevance in today’s world as well as share important lessons from her personal story.

Vanessa’s personal medical journey forms the inspiration and conceptual direction for The Pulsatio Collection, which comprises of meticulously articulated designs. The range conveys a story of hope, perseverance and the importance of caring for one’s health.

Unique to each of us is our predetermined set of heartbeats, a tempo which becomes who we are and dictates how we feel.

Pulsatio, the heartbeat, is therefore most vital rhythm in our body and our life.

The Pulsatio Collection is made up of four stories with accompanying signature prints that represent a journey of a courageous woman, paying tribute to her experience. Flowing through Vanessa’s journey from the initial diagnosis, to the ongoing treatment and healing, the collection ultimately commemorates the final rebirth.

The merge of soft drape silk contrasted by structured tailored lines allows for an update of the signature Vanessa Gounden silhouettes. Deep reds and charcoal tones are accented by off-white and emerald shades and these Pantone colour swatches are symbolic of the phases that the heart goes through. In addition, each signature print is an artistic representation of the transition phases the heart encounters.

The ultimate lesson from the Pulsatio Collection is one of hope. Like all collections, it echoes the importance of utilising the time we have, consciously and fearlessly.