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Vanessa Gounden

Spring / Summer 2020

The Bellona Collection

FW21/22 The Bellona Collection

This collection was an echo of the endurance and stamina of the human spirit, that has overcome social, economic, and personal challenges over the past two years, living under the pandemic. This season we tell a story of combat military romanticism, that is juxta positioned with our love of the feminine form. Each piece of The Bellona Collection is inspired by the uniformity and stature combat fatigues. It is also inspired by the Roman goddess of war or the ancient Sabine, that was depicted wearing her plumed helmet and armour. Each piece hand crafted is daring, luxurious and created for the bold contemporary woman.

Three key prints of the collection merge the world of art and fashion to create an exceptional and dynamic winter story. The first print combines neutral and earthy tones, a signature interpretation of the traditional camouflage print, complemented by a leopard print design, that echoes the base of primal camouflage in nature.

Unconventional and abstract, a floral print contrasts the subdued colour palate of the collection, introducing lighter blue tones, unexpected and refreshing for the season, that celebrates the light side of success, in a complex system. All 3 prints have been executed in large-scale printing formats, so that each finished look is a statement creation, that is meant to be worn with attitude.

Precise tailoring and structured fits ensure uncomplicated sophistication, as seen in various military uniforms. Dramatic sleeves and intentionally longer silhouettes, like oversized aviator trench coats of the 1940s, ensuring an effortlessly formal look. Vanessa was inspired by the sharp tailoring and brass accents of service military fatigues. In contrast to enhance the feminine tone of the collection, delicate neck ties, rouged cuffs, smocking, fine pleats, and soft ruffles have been included.

To compliment the hard structured nature of this collection, lightweight fabrics elegantly execute the signature garment profiles. Soft chiffons and fine silks allow for a fluid and whimsical finishes to each garment. Balanced by heavier dark denim fabrics that add an extra layer of protection, this range has been designed to be layered for maximum effect and like many collections, intended to be worn throughout seasons.

The Bellona Collection reflects the resolute nature of the empowered women we create for, the women that showed immense strength and courage these last two years, a story of their beauty and boldness in their spirit.