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Vanessa Gounden

Spring / Summer 2020

The Dusk Till Dawn Collection

This season Vanessa and her team have moved away from creating season specific collections, to more fluid and diverse designs, with an aim to capture both the temperature outside and the individual art of each hand-crafted garment.

To constantly remain authentic and curate our stories, we have started creating smaller and more sustainable collections, whilst maintaining our high standard of quality through our local Atelier. For our latest collection, Dusk ‘till Dawn, we have incorporated our best-selling silhouettes as well as updated effortless styles.

Having grown up in South Africa, Vanessa was constantly outdoors in nature and in the sun. The nostalgia of the summer months inspired this season’s story. With long drawn-out days and musky nights, the colour palate reflects the candied African sunsets and contrasting deep blues of first dawn.

Summer too echoes lighthearted musings, good memories, sensuality, femininity and the promise of hope as the light transforms from dusk to dawn. We’ve reflected each of these moods through the prints of the collection, which is reminiscent of the feel-good warmth of summer. The setting sun ushers in the feeling of feminine sensuality and a laid-back ambience, which transitions to the first light of dawn, into the warmth of the morning sun. These transitions are reflected through the pastel colours of dusk, through to the moodiness of the evening and are contrasted by the navy and bright yellow of the dawn. Floral motifs have also been threaded through the print, as an ode to brand’s history and heritage. Each garment is custom designed by Vanessa, to reflect the individuality of each story.

As The Dusk Till Dawn story progresses, monochromatic pieces add to the dramatic tone and distinctiveness of the collection which is complemented by our use of fabrics this season, which include natural linens, cottons and silks.

Vanessa and her team wanted to create a feel-good collection, that has same comfort and style synonymous with the brand. This collection also includes winter and fall pieces to complement the different climates in both hemispheres. The silhouettes allow for easy-to-wear elegance balanced by strong, tailored looks. Feminine fits, together with a range of high-quality light and heavy weight fabrication, allow for an irresistibly luscious Vanessa Gounden collection.