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Vanessa Gounden

Spring / Summer 2020

The Instinct Collection

Autumn/ Winter 2021

The Instinct Collection- Trust Your Instinct.

The latest story, “Instinct”, tells a tale of reconnection with and appreciation for our natural world. It divulges into the space our primal selves, much of which is mirrored in nature and lost through our modern lifestyles.

The Instinct Collection also echoes a tone of conservation, addressing the impact of climate change on our natural environment. Key motifs of exotic fauna and flora and messages make up the conceptual depiction of this global concern which has also been threaded through this 4-part story.

Depicting a story of African wildlife, the 1st print represents a metaphor of us as society. It is a portrayal of our need to reconnect with the environment around us. The neutral based colour scheme blends effortlessly into nature and is offset by a clean, crisp white background.

The 2nd print features profiles of tropical foliage and animals, set on a sunset toned backdrop. This abstract scheme exhibits the ceremonial cycle of each day, from dawn’s promise of opportunity to the inevitability of the sunset. As our environment follows its own natural instincts, which grounds us each day, we too must follow our own instinct.

Floral and romance, the 3rd print reminds us of our own beauty, echoed all around us. Contrasting pinks and greens push boundaries, reminding us of our primal side, that too can be daring and brave.

The final print of The Instinct Collection exemplifies the innate need to feel sexy. Classic leopard print is reimagined an ombre design, that fades seamlessly into nature. This print sets a primal tone for The Collection, reflecting the female instinct to be beautiful. Like the Leopard’s instinct to calmly wait, camouflaged, tricking its prey. This print print is a a take on seduction, allure and fearlessness. It’s instinctual.

Simple silhouettes have been chosen to create easy to wear looks, intended to be classic and forever pieces. Lightweight, natural fabrics allow for each print to come alive on each garment.

The Instinct Collection transports one to a space of serenity, an immersion of nature and its beauty. It speaks to the deepest parts our ourselves, our primal state that is mirrored all around us. Perspective is instinct, trust yours.